Shopping Questions

Are your masks medical grade?

No. These are fashion face masks.

Do you have a MAP policy?

At this time we do not.

Are your face masks machine washable?

Yes, handwash and lay flat to dry. Do NOT put in the dryer.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Prices are already at an all time low. Depending how large we would work with you. 

What material are your masks?

1st Layer: 92% polyester & 8%spandex

2nd Layer: Ethylene-Propylene(ES)- It is same as KN95 mask’s filling material.

3rd  Layer: 100% breathable cotton

Do you ship internationally?

The default pricing on our site is in USD, the conversion rate depends on your issuing credit card company used on the transaction

In some instances, delivery may be delayed depending on your country's customs. Face Mask Factory Direct and the carrier do not have control over how long customs deem fit to hold a package. In addition, certain countries may apply tariffs after the package is accepted. We suggest checking with your local post office to find out if that applies to you.



Time In-Transit

Expected Delivery(After Receipt of Order)


2 Business Days

5-7 Business Days

8-12 Business Days


2 Business Days

5-10 Business Days

13-20 Business Days


2 Business Days

5-10 Business Days

13-20 Business Day